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September 30, 1917 – April 2, 1987

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Buddy Rich's Drum Setup

Over the years Buddy used a few different kits, including Ludwig, Vox, Rogers,  but he mainly used Slingerland. He also used a Fibes snare drum which can be seen on the album cover of Live At Ronnie Scotts. But as far as I know he always used the same size equipment. And the same set up. Except for the large swish cymbal he added later on in his career.

14" X 24" bass drum (I've heard he also used a 26" sometimes)

9" X 13" tom (mounted on a single 'Set-O-Matic' holder)

Two 16" X 16" Floor Toms.

Snare Drum 5" X 14",

Chrome Cowbell

Ludwig speed king bass drum pedal or Rogers Swiv-o-matic pedal.

Wooden Throne in White Marine Pearl . A little over 24" tall, including the padding.  

Wooden Bass drum beater.

Zildjian Cymbals

14" New Beat Hi-Hats (medium top, heavy bottom)

18" Thin Crash (on the left)

18" Medium-Thin Crash (on the right)

8" Splash (also used a 6")

20" Medium Ride 

22" Swish(on the far right)

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Below is the Buddy Rich singnature kit, made by Slingerland drum company. It is obviously set up for a promotional shot so you can see everything. But it gives you a good view of  what Buddy used.

The Buddy Rich signature kit by Slingerland drum company.


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