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The Torment of Buddy Rich : A Biography


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Over the years Buddy used a few different kits, including Ludwig, Vox, Rogers,   but he mainly used Slingerland. He also used a Fibes snare drum which can be seen on the album cover of Live At Ronnie Scotts. But as far as I know he always used the same size equipment. And the same set up. Except for the large swish cymbal he added later on in his career.

14" X 24" bass drum (I've heard he also used a 26" sometimes)

9" X 13" tom (mounted on a single 'Set-O-Matic' holder)

Two 16" X 16" Floor Toms.

Snare Drum 5" X 14",

Chrome Cowbell

Ludwig speed king bass drum pedal or Rogers Swiv-o-matic pedal.

Wooden Throne in White Marine Pearl . A little over 24" tall, including the padding.  

Wooden Bass drum beater.

Zildjian Cymbals

14" New Beat Hi-Hats (medium top, heavy bottom)

18" Thin Crash (on the left)

18" Medium-Thin Crash (on the right)

8" Splash (also used a 6")

20" Medium Ride 

22" Swish(on the far right)

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You can see from
this view Buddy's snare drum tilting forwards and cymbals where always set up horozontaly.





Click on this image to see a bigger photo

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topview.jpg (16580 bytes) Notice everything is in easy reach. Buddy never had to stretch to reach a drum or cymbal.

Graphics ęCopyright 2001 By Mike James,

Below is the Buddy Rich singnature kit, made by Slingerland drum company. It is obviously set up for a promotional shot so you can see everything. But it gives you a good view of  what Buddy used.

The Buddy Rich signature kit by Slingerland drum company.

Thease are not facts. Just what I think Buddy used. If you think its wrong please let me know. If you have any questions or know of any other equipment Buddy used please use the Discussion Forum to post a message.